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The Art of Educating – MASTERCLASS

2020-09-03 - 2020-09-06

The Art of Educating represents an excellence in the field of teachers’ training and it specifically meets the most relevant needs in today’s world of education. We’re living in a specific historical moment, full of extraordinary talents and opportunities but also affected by widespread suffering and major social problems. Educational actions play a central role in shaping our society and have the task of unleashing strong potential for new generations while preventing difficulties to emerge.

The Art of Educating is an innovative research that has introduced the development of human abilities at school and in the family. It has shown an extraordinary effectiveness in a large number of applied projects and keeps on bringing great results. Most of the needs identified as crucial and currently existing in the school system are of purely human and interpersonal nature: the need for more attention, motivation, commitment and collaboration are strongly felt by teacher as well as the need to prevent inappropriate and harmful behavior which hinders the creation of a positive and motivating atmosphere in the classroom. In order to support the improvement of these educational processes, the research ‘The Art of Educating’ has developed a specific course to teach interpersonal abilities to children and young along all stages of their growth, from kindergarten to school of all levels, up to university.


Interpersonal skills: teachers will follow a path to increase their ability to interact with students, to convey their subject and to guide the class while creating a collaborative atmosphere. Teaching interpersonal skills: deepening the knowledge of interpersonal skills, what they are and how to convey them, this teaching aims to create the basis for bringing a major and valuable innovation in one’s own school. ‘I understand you!’ A communication lecture in class: teachers will receive a theoretical and practical preparation as well as all the necessary tools to give a communication lecture to their students. Parent-teacher collaboration: teachers will prepare and plan to hold a meeting for parents in which they will convey the basic interpersonal abilities in order to create a full synergy with them and to support children and young adults in their growth process in an innovative way.


During the master class, a specific method for developing personal abilities is applied. This method, conceived by Centro Studi Podresca and perfected over thirty years of fieldwork, stands out for its effectiveness and guarantees high-level results.

The learning path starts with the theoretical study of the specific personal abilities: the way they are structured, how they work, what results they produce and which problems they help to prevent.

The second step consists of communication exercises that allow and support the training of the ability while promoting the development of a mature and personal position on it. The last step is dedicated to the development of a project that translates and applies the learned abilities in everyday life and achieves the following results: a deeper feeling of awareness as a result of a sum of multiplied mutual comprehension and experiences and successes, which consequently produce growth on a human level within the students, the teacher and the class as a whole.


The traditional school system, which is characterized by a focus on the transmission of information and book-based learning, has started to show its limitations in recent decades. Therefore, a research process to identify solutions to its problems began. A direction that is being explored, looks at giving an increased attention to soft skills and transversal competences.

Centro Studi Podresca designed The The Art of Educating, an innovative research which aims to develop fundamental human abilities at school and in the family. Research and training experiences showed that the application of personal abilities helps in solving problems, reduces bullying, increases collaboration, produces improvements in school learning and creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom.


SEPTEMBER 3 RD-6 TH , 2020

I understand you!




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